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Academy For Kids preschool program offers a variety of arts and crafts depending on the child's age and skill level. Children are allowed opportunities each day to improve both fine motor skills as well as large motor skills. During the lesson the children are encouraged to participate and verbally express their ideas and opinions. This program offers structure as well as FUN! Each month the lesson plan includes letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The children will have a wide variety of hands-on opportunities to explore their environment, both indoors and out.

For older children, the ABeka curriculum is used. This will help to prepare them for kindergarten as they learn letter sounds and develope beginning reading skills. The three-year olds use one workbook, “Numbers and Skills with Button Bear,” throughout the year.  The four and five year olds have four workbooks: “Writing with Phonics,” ‘ABC-123,” “ABC Writing Tablet,” and “Readiness Skills K.” To view these items you can go to

Children of all ages may participate in the Spanish program. This class is taught weekly by Claudia Bolanos. She has taught Spanish in my classroom since 2009 and currently works for a local college preparatory school as a tutor. Claudia was born and raised in Guatamala City where she studied there, and abroad, to become trilingual in Spanish, English, and German. She immigrated to Texas in 2001 as a missionary with her husband and four children.  Claudia began tutoring students in the DFW metroplex in 2003.  As a native Spanish speaker, she is certified in the areas of written and spoken Spanish.  Claudia brings fun and excitement to her lessons while keeping the children engaged in learning. 

Children learn in many different ways and our program presents material through a variety of modalities. Each child is encouraged to be the best he or she can be while treating others with respect.

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